Gripex drugs

Gripex drugs

Gripex drugs – acetaminophen combination products, which have antipyretic, analgesic, vasoconstrictor effects.

Gripex, Gripex Max, Gripex Night, Gripex HotActiv, Gripex Start is used for the symptomatic treatment of non-durables and relief of symptoms in infectious and inflammatory and catarrhal diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by sore throat, fever, muscle and headaches, sneezing, swelling of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses, nonproductive cough, rhinitis, malaise.

Gripex HotEffect used for the symptomatic treatment of influenza and SARS, which are accompanied by fever, headache, rhinitis, nasal congestion, watery eyes; for pain of medium and low intensity of different origin (toothache, headache, migraine, tuberculosis, neuralgia, pain burns and injuries), with fever, caused by infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Gripex and Gripex Max recommended for children 12 years and adults 3-4 times a day 1-2 tablets. Daily dose of the drug – not more than 8 tablets. Duration of therapy is a 2-4 days. Gripex Night recommended for children aged 12 years and adults at bedtime 1-2 tablets. The maximum dosage is 8 tablets per day.

Gripex HotEffect recommended for children after 12 years of age and adults to 1 sachet every 6-8 hours. The maximum daily dose is 6 sachets. Children 6-12 years are designated by half sachet every 6-8 hours, maximum – 3 sachets per day. Gripex HotEffect dissolved before taking in the warm water (1/2 cup). Duration of treatment is no more than a week. Gripex Start recommended for adults and children over 12 years: every 4-6 hours to 2 capsules. The maximum dose is 12 capsules per day. Duration of treatment is no more than 1 week.

When using the drug Gripex, Gripex Max, Gripex Night may cause drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, and hallucinations. In some cases, there are digestive disturbances with vomiting and nausea. In rare cases, allergic reactions, rashes, skin flushing, and other hypersensitivity reactions (bronchial asthma, increased sweating). When using the drug Gripex HotEffect in rare cases as a result of prolonged use in large doses may cause drowsiness, sleep disturbances, irritability, nausea, sensation of dry mouth, accommodation disturbances, difficulty urinating, increased intracranial pressure. When using the drug Gripex Start may appear itching, hives, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tachycardia, arrhythmias, pale skin, bladder disorders, kidney disease, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, nervousness, and irritability.

 Gripex drugs are not recommended for pregnant women. Gripex should not give at the same time with drugs containing acetaminophen, because of the risk of overdose.

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